FonTel - Call Recorder

Secure call recording app for Android

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fontel-cid - 2.21.3 (81)

You can also download the app from the Google Play store, but then it will not be able to recognize call numbers and will not record audio on Android 10 and later.

FonTel - Call Recorder app screenshot

FonTel - Call Recorder is an application designed for automatic recording of telephone calls made using a mobile phone with the Android system. Calls are saved in the phone storage or on the SD card. Recordings can be automatically encrypted to prevent listening to the calls by unauthorized persons (e.g. in case of loss of phone / SD card), and access to the application can be password protected.

Archiving of call recordings

To protect your call recordings and to save space on your phone's storage the app allows you to automatically archive recorded phone calls to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Call recorder for Android

It works on Android 5 and newer, including Android 10, Android 11, Android 12 and Android 13. But due to limitations in the Android system and in the devices themselves, the voice of the caller will not always be heard well in the recordings.

Main features

  • Recording encryption
  • Password protection
  • Automatic and manual recording mode
  • Included/excluded numbers
  • Integration with Dropbox, OneDrive


You can download it from Google Play Store:

Google Play


Due to restrictions introduced by Google, all apps downloaded from Google Play store will not recognize incomming and outgoing numbers*

In addition, due to recent restrictions, on Android 10 and newer, audio will not be recorded at all.

To record calls on Android 10 and later, you must enable the FonTel Accessibility Service. Unfortunately, apps placed in the Google Play store that use Accesibility Services cannot record calls. Therefore, to recognize call numbers and record phone calls on newer versions of Android you need to download the application from our website, not from the Google Play store.

Download Caller ID version

To identify caller IDs and save their numbers and to record calls on Android 10 and above, download this application from here and install on your phone:

Download fontel-cid.apk
FonTel - Call Recorder 2.21.3 (81)

This is the same version of the app as in the Google Play store, but recognizes phone numbers and allows you to enable FonTel Accessibility Service to record audio in Android 10 and later.


  1. Do not uninstall version installed from Google Play Store if you have it (to keep your recorded calls, settings, etc.)
  2. Download fontel-cid.apk file on you phone
  3. Install (update) downloaded app (it may require permission to install "unknown" apps)
  4. You can disable auto-updating for this app to prevent it from being overwritten by the version from the Google Play store when an update is published
  5. On Android 10 and later, you must enable FonTel Accessibility Service, according to the instructions in the app

* Due to restrictions introduced by Google from March 9, 2019, the version of the application downloaded from the Google Play store will not recognize and store phone numbers. More info: